Amsterdam is one of the most highly visited cities in Europe and understandably so! From the museums, cycling and food to the wonky cobbled streets and of course the canals, everything giving off a certain artsy vibe.

I spent about 6 hours here back in Jan on my way back from South Africa – it wasn’t long but long enough to fall in love with it. It was only right I go back and do it properly!

Here are some of my fav spots that are a must if you’re heading to Amsterdam any time soonBloemenmarkt

The worlds only floating flower market! Summer, winter, rain or shine, it’ll always be there – definitely worth a visit if you want to be surrounded by flowers (even hanging from the ceiling).


Unique chocolate shop in the heart of Amsterdam specialising in chocolate covered strawberries, hot chocolate and the cutest cakesicles you’ll ever see! Definitely an instagram-worthy spot.

You have to try these local delicacies! Clockwise from top left: Van Wonderen Stroopwafels. These stroopwafels have to be the best in Amsterdam, especially if you have them fresh!

Van Stapele Koekmakerij. A small little bakery hidden down one of the cobbled side streets that make life-changing chocolate cookies. Make sure to get there a little early in the day because they do sell out quickly. We had to queue to get ours!

Mannekenpis fries: These guys claim to be the best in Holland, but I think they’re the best I’ve ever had, ever. Make sure to get the traditional sauce!


Every morning I started the day with some baked goods from a local bakery. These are some of my favourites!

Blue Amsterdam

This restaurant is hidden above a shopping mall and has 360 panoramic views. You can literally see everything from this spot; they even give you some binoculars so you can spy in on your favourite spots from above.

Of course, the canals!

A trip to Amsterdam wouldn’t be complete without a few (okay, a lot) canal photos, it is the city of canals after all. Each one has its own charm, you only have to wander for about 5 minutes to see that each canal has its own charm!

Make sure you catch at least one sunrise. There’s something magical about a sunrise in Amsterdam. With the sound of bike wheels clunking along the cobbled streets, birds just waking and the smell of bakeries baking their first loaves of the day – there really isn’t anything like it.

The Hague

About a 45 mins train journey south-west of Amsterdam is another beautiful city home to The Mauritshuis, a museum that holds Vermeer’s a Girl with a pearl earring , Rembrandt’s Anatomy of Dr Tulp (two of my fav paintings) and many more works from great masters. Worth a visit if you’re spending more than 3 days in Amsterdam! You can also hit beach and watch the sunset from the pier.

Walter Benedict

If you’re spending the day in The Hague, this brunch spot is a winner!

And finally, I couldn’t finish this post without mentioning the narrowest house in Amsterdam! Can you imagine living in this thing!? The address is Singel 166 if you want to go and get a snap.