I’ve always been fascinated with the trancient beauty of butterflies and their ethereal grace. Dont get me wrong, I am most definitely not an insect person. Like, AT ALL. In fact, I dont think I’d really consider a butterfly, a bug. There is something about a butterfly’s brightly-coloured splendour that has clearly not only inspired me, but also a variety of designers and artists spanning across decades.

Whilst researching (formal term for procrastination), I stumbled across some pieces in which artists have managed to capture the essence of the butterfly, which, considering their fleeting nature, poses a difficult task. The little creatures were often used in Greek symbolism to depict the psyche – also used in paintings dating back to Egyptian times, running through to the Renaissance, Surrealism, and now used by modern day artists and designers.

All of this aside, I tried my hand at incorporating butterflies into a piece; literally just because I love them.

Completed using pencil and Copic markers. I’ll also put a link to a speedy time lapse (the first one I’ve ever done, and I’m loving it!!).

Time lapse – https://www.instagram.com/p/BYoSHoEAgM9/?taken-by=annabellesillustrations

My inspiration:

Rosa Papilio (from Flordali – Flora Dalinae), 1967

Giambattista valli autumn winter 2012

Alexander mcqueen spring summer 2011

Alexander mcqueen spring summer 2011